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General terms and conditions (GTC)


www.bookgoodlook.com is an online platform for professional sellers and private or professional buyers operated by mRaP GmbH, Pulvermühlweg 11, 3250 Wieselburg, Austria. mRaP GmbH is only responsible for making the online platform available. mRaP GmbH itself does not act as buyer or seller. Professional sellers are hairdressers and wig makers (stylists), pedicurists and beauticians (beauty care), also referred to here as partner companies or sellers. Persons who could potentially avail of the services offered by the partner companies are referred to as buyers or customers. The following conditions govern the participation of partner companies on www.bookgoodlook.com and specify the main ground rules for the use of www.bookgoodlook.com by the registered partner companies. www.bookgoodlook.com is also referred to here as "the platform".

1. What is www.bookgoodlook.com?

www.bookgoodlook.comis an online marketplace in which partner companies can offer appointments. The platform enables these appointments to be booked. Contracts that are concluded on www.bookgoodlook.com confer rights and obligations only to the participating sellers and buyers. Contracts are concluded only between sellers and buyers. The fulfilment of the contract takes place exclusively between the buyers and the sellers. The platform acts exclusively as an intermediary. As a matter of policy, the platform does not verify whether offers and other content placed by the seller on the platform, including the descriptions made by the seller, are lawful, truthful, and complete.

mRaP GmbH promotes www.bookgoodlook.com independently and also provides publicly accessible information to third parties, to advertise using email communication and on other websites.

2. Registration on www.bookgoodlook.com and conclusion of contracts

For sellers to use www.bookgoodlook.com they must register. - There is no charge for this. This registration is performed by mRaP GmbH. Only professional sellers are authorised to participate, these are:

  • Self-employed professionals,
  • Private companies and
  • Corporations.

By registering on www.bookgoodlook.com and by accepting these terms and conditions, a contract is concluded between the platform and the professional seller. Private persons are excluded from registering. Registration on www.bookgoodlook.com is not a right. Platform reserves the right to decide if a registration is allowed. The following details must be provided by the seller or the buyer when registering:

  • Company name,
  • Legal entity,
  • Name of official representative,
  • Telephone number of the parting company,
  • Email address of the partner company, and
  • Address of the partner company.

The platform does not verify whether the professional seller meets all the legal requirements. However, the professional seller confirms that they fulfil all the legal requirements (valid business licence etc.)

3. Basic rules for using the platform

The platform can be used by registered sellers subject to the following rules.

3. Basic rules for using the platformThe platform can be used by registered sellers subject to the following rules.

3.1. Offers made on www.bookgoodlook.com

Partner companies can offer hairdressing and beauty services on the platform. The services and products offered are referred to here as offers. Offering illegal products and services is not allowed. All prices on the platform are inclusive of the legal sales tax. The offers placed on the platform by the partner companies can be booked by buyers on www.bookgoodlook.com. By means of the booking, a contract is concluded between the buyer and the partner company.

3.2. Offers, contracts and contract fulfilment

The platform makes various offer formats and functions available to partner companies in order that contracts can be concluded on the platform efficiently or to find buyers for the offers they are proposing.

In the case of personalised offers, the partner company has the possibility of associating offer with a specific employee. The first name of the corresponding employee is thus generally and publicly visible on the platform. The partner company expressly agrees in the case of personalised offers to obtain the written agreement of the employee concerned. The platform does not verify this. The rights of third parties must not be infringed. Aliases can optionally be used for personalised offers. These are for example: JuniorStylist, MasterStylist, etc .

Buyers can book offers from the seller and they thereby accept the attached conditions as well as the seller's general terms and conditions. By means of the booking performed by the buyer, a contract is concluded between the buyer and the partner company. After booking, the processing of the booking, or contract fulfilment, takes place exclusively between the buyer and the partner company (= seller or service provider).

3.2.1. Processing of the booking payment and order fulfilment

After the offer of a partner company has been booked by a person (the buyer), the partner company and the buyer both receive a booking confirmation by email. The email to the partner company is sent to the email address that was stored when they registered. The booking confirmation can optionally also be sent by SMS. This option is activated if the partner company selects this in their login area.

Booking confirmation

The booking confirmation contains all the necessary information for processing the booking. This consists of

  • The buyer's first and last name,
  • A unique booking number,
  • Booking date and time,
  • optionally: Name of the stylist and
  • optionally: Name of the service that was booked.

Presentation of the booking confirmation to the partner company by the buyer is required in order to be entitled to obtain the service offered and booked. In addition all bookings for the partner company are visible in the partner company’s login area.

Payment and contract fulfilment

The payment of the offer when the service is rendered, takes place exclusively between the partner company and the buyer.

Binding character of booked offers

By booking an offer, a contract is made between the booker and the partner company. As a result the booking is binding both for the partner company and for the booker.

Personalised offers

In the case of personalised offers, a platform user has the possibility to book the service with a specific person from the partner company. In the case that illness or other reason prevents the service being fulfilled by the specific person, the partner company must offer an adequate replacement. The partner company also commits in such cases to inform the platform immediately (by email to info@bookgoodlook.com). If a user does not agree with the replacement offer, they can decline and cancel the booking.

Cancellation of booking by the buyer

Buyers can cancel bookings that have already been made. The registered partner company receives the cancellation information by email and SMS. The partner company expressly agrees that they release the platform from all claims relating to cancellations.

Changes to the booking by the buyer

The buyer is allowed to change a booking. In this case the partner company is immediately informed of the change by email and SMS.

Buyer no-show

The platform cannot guarantee in all cases that the booker shows up to avail of the offer. The partner company releases the platform from all claims if the booker does not show up for a booked offer. In cases of a buyer not showing up, the partner company must inform the platform by email at info@bookgoodlook.com

4. Additional rights and obligations of the registered partner companies

4.1. Use of text material, illustrations, photos and graphics

The platform does not verify if the text content, illustrations, photos and graphics are used legally by registered partner companies or if they are made available to the platform legally. It is the partner company's responsibility to ensure they have the right to use the text content, illustrations, photos and graphics. The rights of third parties must not be infringed.

4.2. Release

The partner company releases the platform from all claims that other participants or other third parties make against the platform regarding infringement of their rights by the offers and content placed by the partner company on the platform or for any other use of the platform. The partner company shall pay costs for the necessary legal defence of the platform including all court and lawyers fees within the legal limits. This does not apply if the partner company is not responsible for the damage. In the case of a claim from a third party, the partner company is obliged to immediately, fully and truthfully provide the platform with all information necessary for examining the claim and for making its defence.

5. Fees

There is no registration charge for partner companies. Before any fees become due the platform agrees to inform the seller/partner company of this in advance. Possible fees (such as booking fees for example) will be agreed separately with the partner company. These fees are to be paid by partners of www.bookgoodlook.com and may not be charged additionally to the private customer (=buyer). Any violation of this will lead to immediate notice of termination of the partner by www.bookgoodlook.com.

6. Delivery of advertising and information

The partner company expressly agrees to receive information and advertising in electronic form (newsletter, SMS, etc.) and through the postal service.

7. Platform accessibility

The goal of the platform is to provide unrestricted access to the platform. It cannot however be excluded that circumstances may occur that are outside the control of the platform and may lead to accessibility restrictions. Partner companies are not allowed to use any mechanisms, software or other scripts in connection with the platform that could impair the working of the platform. Furthermore it is not allowed to perform actions that could lead to excessive platform load. The content stored on the platform cannot be copied or disseminated without the prior agreement of mRaP GmbH or used in any other way or reproduced. This is also valid for copying using "robot/crawler" search engine technologies or other automated mechanisms. In order that maintenance can be performed on the system maintenance times are required during which the platform is not accessible. These times will be communicated to the partner companies at least one week in advance.

8. Limitation of liability

mRaP GmbH provides only the technical services for the operation of the platform. mRaP GmbH Is not liable for the content (prices, offers, etc.) placed by the partner companies on the platform. The platform is only liable to partner companies in cases of wilful or gross negligence. Liability for the replacement of measurable damages, particularly for loss of profits is only valid in the case of wilful or gross negligence.

9. Sanctions and blocks

The platform can take the following measures if there is concrete evidence that a partner company has infringed the law, the rights of third parties, or the GTC or if the platform has another reason, in particular to protect the platform from fraudulent activities.

  • Deleting offers or other content
  • Warning partner companies
  • Restricting use of the platform
  • Temporary blocking
  • Permanent blocking

In choosing the measures, the platform will take the rightful interests of the partner company concerned into account especially if there is evidence that the member is not responsible for the violation.The platform can permanently block members from using the platform if the block is made to preserve the interests of other participants or if false contact data have been entered in particular a false or invalid email address and/or transferred a member account to another party. After a member has been permanently blocked, they do not have the right to have their membership account restored.

As soon as a member has been blocked, this member can no longer use the platform even with another member’s account and may not register again.

10. Duration and termination of the contract

The contract is concluded for an indefinite duration. Notice to terminate the contract is possible at any time (via email to info@bookgoodlook.com) Termination for extraordinary reasons is allowed if

  • Insolvency proceedings have been started for a contract partner,
  • If the platform closes down its activity,,
  • If the member violates the GTC.

With the termination notice, the membership of the partner company is ended.


11. Changes to the GTC and severability clause

The platform reserves the right to change this GTC at any time without giving reasons. The partner company agrees to be informed about changes to the GTC by email to the address they have provided. The partner company accepts changes unless they have raised an objection by email or in writing within two weeks of receiving the change notice. The platform shall draw special attention to the two-week time limit for objections when changes are made known. Should any of the terms of this GTC be invalid, the other terms remain unaffected. An invalid term is considered to be replaced by one that is closest to the economic purpose of the invalid term in a legally effective manner. The same applies to any omissions in the terms.

12. Place of jurisdiction

The law of the Republic of Austria applies. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

GTC revision: 31.07.2014