Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is BookGoodLook?

BookGoodLook is an online booking platform for beauty appointments which you can use to book appointments in your favourite beauty salon whenever and from wherever you want.

How does BookGoodLook work?

Very easily, you can simply search for an appointment for a specific date. You can also refine your search by specifying the type of service you want. This helps us to display the appointments that suit you the best. When you've found a suitable appointment you can book it online. You then receive a confirmation of your booking by email.

Are you a coupon portal?

No! We are not. We don't provide coupons. You pay directly in the salon and book your appointments online.

When is BookGoodLook coming to my city?

We are working on being able to offer BookGoodLook in as many places as possible. Simply register for the Newsletter , and we can keep you updated.

Why aren’t all appointment times available in all the salons?

The salons plan the available appointments depending on their individual workload. So it pays to check BookGoodLook regularly to see what's available.

I know a salon that would like to participate!

Glad to hear it! Please write an email to us at: info@bookgoodlook.at, so we can get in touch with you or the salon at no obligation.

How can I become a partner salon?

Simply write an email to us at: info@bookgoodlook.at. We'll get back to you immediately.

Details on how to proceed

What services can I receive?

Each salon specifies the maximum extent or scope of the service for each appointment. The service(s) are time-limited. But you don't have to use all the services offered for the appointment. Individual agreements made for the appointment are both possible and desirable of course.

How does the salon know that I booked an appointment?

The salon receives a booking confirmation by email that contains all the necessary information about the appointment.

Will I receive a confirmation after I have booked?

Yes, of course. You receive a booking confirmation by email with all the related information that was specified when you booked. If you don't receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you don't find it there then please immediately contact us at info@bookgoodlook.at.

Can I cancel an existing booking?

You can cancel a booking at no cost up to a specific time before the appointment, depending on the salon. In your booking confirmation you will find a link for cancelling the appointment quickly and easily. If you don’t show up for the appointment without cancelling in time, to be fair to the salon, we have to block you from making any future bookings.

What happens if I can't make the appointment on time and come too late?

We kindly ask you to be punctual. If you are late it may be that the salon can no longer honour your appointment.

Can I send a person other than myself to the salon? Is my booking transferable?

No, your booking is not transferable.

How can I be sure that everything will work properly?

We guarantee that we will make everything a clear as necessary for the service to work properly. If you still have questions, then please contact us by email, telephone or one of our social media channels. We will be happy to answer you by return.

How can I rate a salon?

After your appointment you will receive an email giving you the option to make an rating. You can rate the salon by awarding stars or by writing a comment. We love it when you give ratings because this makes it easier for other visitors to make their choice.

Do I have to pay a reservation fee?

No, there is no reservation fee.

Whom can I contact if I have an urgent question?

By email at info@bookgooodlook.at or by telephone at: +43 664 181 76 31.