General Terms & Conditions

Preamble is an online marketplace operated by mRaP GmbH, Pulvermühlweg 11, 3250 Wieselburg, for prospective clients (bookers, customers) and suppliers (salons) of beauty and cosmetic services. mRaP GmbH is responsible only for providing the online marketplace. mRaP GmbH acts neither as the purchaser (of beauty services) nor as the vendor (of beauty services) can also be accessed through the following domains:

The following provisions regulate the use of and establish the fundamental principles for participation in the online marketplace. shall also be hereinafter referred to as the “platform” or “online marketplace.” The terms visitors, prospective clients, and users of the platform shall be hereinafter used synonymously with one another.

1. Scope of Application of the General Terms & Conditions

The following General Terms & Conditions shall apply to all business relationships between visitors, prospective clients, and users of the platform, and the site operator of mRaP GmbH.Ancillary agreements and any other agreements shall require the written form. Visitors, prospective clients, and users of the platform hereby declare that the following General Terms & Conditions have been made fully accessible to them, that they have read and understood them, and that they accept them in full.

2. Services Offered by procures appointments at beauty salons which are provided by said salons. Salons shall be referred to hereinafter as partner businesses. Website users can book appointments offered by partner businesses. After making a reservation, the user receives a reservation confirmation, delivered to the e-mail address provided by the user. When the user books an appointment, he is reserving a specific, unique appointment at a salon.

When making a reservation, the user shall provide his own personal information truthfully, in order to ensure the reservation is scheduled successfully. This information includes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Personal e-mail address
If this information is not provided truthfully, will prosecute this violation to the extent permissible by law. Reservations made on behalf of or in the name of third parties are prohibited, and are a violation of the General Terms & Conditions. Reservations are not transferable to third parties.

The user shall provide the reservation confirmation to the salon as validation that the user booked the appointment.

3. Contractual Partners and Fulfilment of Contract

After a user books a service, the user shall receive a reservation confirmation, delivered via e-mail. Delivery of this e-mail constitutes the formation of a contract. The partner business at which the user booked an appointment shall be the user’s contractual partner. The partner business shall be responsible for fulfilment of the contract, since assumes only the role of an intermediary. Therefore, the user shall only be entitled to assert claims resulting from the reservation of an appointment against the partner business – not against the platform.

4. Booking process

A user can book appointments by providing his first name, last name, and e-mail address. The user hereby undertakes to provide this information truthfully. False information shall disqualify the user from making future reservations. There shall be no right to make reservations. The scope of the contractual offer shall include the reservation (date and time), the partner business, and the maximum scope of services offered. The maximum scope of services describes the maximum feasible scope of service for the appointment offered. The user warrants that he shall use the booked appointment. Upon making a booking, the user declares he intends to book a legally binding appointment. Bookings made without said legal intent will be prosecuted by to the extent permissible by law.

5. Reservation Fee

NO reservation fee shall be payable upon making a reservation.

6. Reservation Cancellations

Reservations which are to be cancelled must be cancelled using a unique link included in each reservation confirmation. Cancellations made directly through a partner business shall be invalid, in accordance with the General Terms & Conditions of

7. No Shows

If a user does not appear for a reserved appointment without first cancelling the appointment, this shall be termed a No Show. In case of No Shows, the platform reserves the right to block the user from using the platform in the future.

8. Delivery of Advertisements and Information in Electronic Form

The user hereby agrees to receive advertisements and information in electronic form (newsletters, …). It shall be possible to cancel said deliveries at any time.

9. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is an integral component of the General Terms & Conditions, and may be foundhere . Upon acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions, the user also warrants he has read and understood the privacy policy, and accepts its contents in full.

10. Accessibility of

It is the goal of the platform to offer unrestricted accessibility. However, it is impossible to rule out the existence of circumstances outside of the control of the platform that may lead to restrictions in accessibility. Registered users shall use no mechanisms, software, or other scripts in connection with the platform that could restrict the functions of the platform. Furthermore, users shall not be permitted to undertake any action that would place excessive demands on the platform. The content saved on the platform shall be neither copied nor distributed without prior agreement from mRaP GmbH, nor used or reproduced in any other way. This provision shall also be in effect for copying in the sense of “robot/crawler” search engine technologies, or through any other automatic mechanism.

11. Penalties and Suspension

The platform is hereby entitled to take the following measures if concrete evidence exists that a user has violated legal regulations, the rights of a third party, or the Terms & Conditions, or if the platform has some other legitimate interest in doing so, especially for the protection of partner businesses and other users from fraudulent activities:

  • Warning a user,
  • Limiting or restricting a user’s use of the platform,
  • Final suspension of the user’s account.
In electing to take one of these measures, the platform shall consider the legitimate interests of the user in question, especially if there is evidence that the violation is not the user’s fault. The platform can block a user from use of the platform (suspension) if the suspension is intended to protect the interests of other users or partner businesses, or if false contact information was provided, especially a fake or invalid e-mail address. After a user is suspended, there shall be no claim to restitution of access to the site or services.

12. Limitation of Liability

mRaP GmbH provides only technical services for operation of the platform. mRaP GmbH shall not be liable for content (prices, services…) which is added by members. mRaP GmbH shall be liable only in cases of gross negligence and intent, with the exception of personal injury. Liability for compensation for indirect damages, especially for lost profit, shall only exist in cases of intent or gross negligence.

13. Changes to the General Terms & Conditions, and Severability Clause

The platform reserves the right to change these General Terms & Conditions at any time, and without stating reasons for doing so. The user hereby agrees to be informed about changes to the General Terms & Conditions via e-mail, using the address he provided. If the user does not raise objections to changes within two weeks of their receipt, either via e-mail or in writing, he shall be deemed to have accepted said changes. The platform shall specifically remind users of this two-week objection period upon notification of changes. If the user does not accept the changes, further use of the platform shall be excluded. Insofar as a provision of these Terms & Conditions shall be deemed invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by another provision that legally corresponds as closely as possible to its commercial intent and purpose. The same shall apply to any contractual loopholes.

14. Place of Jurisdiction

The laws of the Republic of Austria shall be in effect. The place of jurisdiction shall be the local responsible court where mRaP GmbH is located.

General Terms & Conditions, Version: 07/31/2014